About Us

Our Mission

To develop our spiritual connection with God through prayer, education and service.

Our Vision

Unity of Port St. Lucie is an expanding community for personal healing and spiritual growth.

Our Five Core Values

  1. Prayer: Prayer and meditation connects us to the spirit of God which heals and transforms us.
  2. Education: We focus on teaching the universal Truth Principles demonstrated by Jesus Christ, that assist us in our personal transformation and spiritual development.
  3. Service: We support each other and our community through practicing Practical Christianity.
  4. Fellowship: We welcome diverse points of view and open discussions on our spiritual journey.
  5. Celebration: We are a loving community growing in our prosperity consciousness as we serve God. We celebrate life in our Sunday Services and weekly activities.

Our Board of Trustees

  • Cheri Peck – President
  • Nancy Perella – Vice President and Secretary
  • John Hayes – Treasurer
  • Carmen Lake – Trustee
  • Diana Samalot – Trustee
  • Dorothy Bell - Trustee
  • Monica Quinn - Alternate Trustee
  • Rev. Ron Neff – Minister