Living an Inspired Life

Pray and Meditate Daily

Prayer and meditation have more to do with peace in our lives than most of us realize. This activity changes us, our perspective on our lives and world. When we enter into that “secret place” within, we come in contact with our true essence as we experience our relationship with God.

Use Compassion in Your Interactions with Others

When we focus on our feelings and needs, and the feelings and needs of others, we open ourselves to seeing situations from a different perspective. When we release the urge to be “right” and look for solutions to meet everyone’s needs, we honor each other.

Be Authentic

Be who you were meant to be. Say what is in your heart. Let your thoughts, words and actions be in harmony, and your world will reflect this orderliness.

Be Peaceful

When you ask for God’s guidance, release worry and choose what’s best for you. Remember that peace is a choice that we each make, moment by moment.

Take Care of Yourself

You are important! If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Your body is a sacred temple of the Holy Spirit, (the Spirit of Wholeness). Care for your body by eating nutritious foods, getting adequate rest and exercising your body. Feed your mind relaxing music and inspirational words from books and recordings. Feed your soul with prayer, meditation, and reading sacred texts. Remember to make time to play!

Tithe to the Source of Your Spiritual Nourishment

When you tithe to those persons and organizations that provide the spiritual food for the nourishment of your soul, your life is blessed in ways beyond your comprehension. Provide support with your time, talent and financial gifts.